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Our Mission

To exceed the expectations of our stakeholders while delivering quality financial products and services. Our goal is to maximize long-range economic value to our shareholders by providing mutually advantageous products and services to our customers, while providing a progressive work environment for our employees in which they can take great pride and where they have the opportunity to grow professionally.
The Platea Group, Inc.

Senior Management

Dick Williams Dick Williams President David Hardegree David Hardegree Chief Financial Officer
Euretha Roberts Euretha Roberts Sr. Vice President Operations Mike Graham Mike Graham Sr. Vice President Accounting and Reinsurance Skip Davis Skip Davis Sr. Vice President Products Eric Shaver Eric Shaver Sr. Vice President Information Technology Elain Pelletier Elaine Pelletier, FSA MAAA Sr. Vice President & Actuary Michael Ramsey Michael Ramsey, CPA Vice President & Treasurer Steven Douglas Steven Douglas Vice President & General Counsel

Executive Committee

Steve Miller Steve Miller Chairman The Plateau Group, Inc. Crossville, TN Dick Williams Dick Williams President The Plateau Group, Inc. Crossville, TN John Barker John Barker CEO Citizens Tri-County Bank Dunlap, TN John Bruno John Bruno Brentwood, TN Wib Evans Wib Evans CAO First Bank Lexington, TN John Haile John Haile Cleveland, TN

Board of Directors

David Barnes President Bank of Frankewing Frankewing, TN Bill Bates CEO Bank of Perry County Lobelville, TN Craig Fitzhugh Chairman, CEO Bank of Ripley Ripley, TN
Randy Graham President, CEO First National Bank of Tennessee Livingston, TN Mark Hayes Chairman, CEO First National Bank Pulaski, TN Wright Hickerson III Director FCB Corporation Manchester, TN
Andy Nash EVP The Farmers Bank Portland, TN Chad Wilson President Foundation Bank/McKenzie Banking Co. Jackson, TN

Direct Marketing

Thom Hagan Thom Hagan Sr. Vice President
Middle Tennessee Financial Institutions
David Greene David Greene Sr. Vice President
West Tennessee Financial Institutions
Cameron Rogers Cameron Rogers East Tennessee Financial Institutions Doyle Kelly Doyle Kelly Southeast Regional Marketing Greg Janssen Greg Janssen Indiana Marketing Bob Joyce Bob Joyce Vice President
Northeast Marketing
Dave Karr Dave Karr Vice President
Financial Institutions
Tony Snow Tony Snow Indiana Marketing Melody Williams Melody Williams PhD
Director of Training
Bill Elliott Bill Elliott Vice President
Client Management
John Kelly John Kelly Southeast Agent Michael Boozer Michael Boozer South Carolina Agent

2014 - 2020

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